Song for the Harbour Bridge

Here is a catchy political song about cycling over the Auckland Harbour Bridge (currently illegal). The Get Across organisation in Auckland are campaigning to allow all modes of transport to use the bridge, not just motorists. It would be a big move from the government to allow walking and cycling over the bridge, as it acknowledges them as actual transport choices in this age of high fuel costs and pollution costs.

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Along with stories within the urban environment, stories about the environment are important in reminding ourselves how it affects us. ‘The Environment’ starts at you and extends outwards. Folk songs have always told the stories of the people, happenings and changes, this song is a continuation of that tradition. It’s exciting and pervasive to talk and hear about these important issues using music. The ‘airwaves’ are public space too, so get singing!

Issues like climate change are a part of our culture now. Sustainable transport and land use planning are a big part of the many solutions required for a liveable future. Unfortunately the current New Zealand government is taking a very conservative step in reducing investment in sustainable transport in preference for building more motorways and flyovers for cars and trucks. The UK and parts the USA are moving away from this sort of 20th century thinking towards walkable, bikeable cities, with excellent public transport. This reduces the need to build more roads for freight too.

If you are in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch today I hope you are going to the Walk for the Climate events, I’ll be there with my ukulele.

the background and lyrics to the song

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