Unfortunately I know of no way to share scent with you via the internet. If I were writing an old fashioned letter I’d include a sprig of fresh jasmine. My wander home after dinner tonight was made beautiful by the sweet clear smell of jasmine wafting past. Intense and awakening, it grabbed me with both arms to stop me and tell me its message. Night walks can offer some blissful experiences, with a calm quite demeanour away form the clamour of day. Darkness will focus your attention to near horizons and pools of light. Shadows make the outlines of small things large and charismatic, leaning out to say hello or dancing at the slightest breeze. Flickering lights in houses as your neighbours settle in and get cosy, like larger versions of Christmas tree lights, strung in a row, nestled in darkened garden foliage. I’m sure those little lights evoke ancestral memories of distant welcoming camp fires, civilisation, safety and homeliness. Mmm, I can recommend those night flowers to anyone who would like to garden for an audience.

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  1. White flowers… Night flowers, moths instead of butterflies pollinate them. The flowers lure the moths with scent instead of colour. They’re nocturnal plants… A whole secret world of nightlife.

    And memory is so clearly evoked by perfume… The smell of Queen of the Night in bloom, and I always remember walking through Grey Lynn in Summer, after dark, on warm footpaths…

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