Dear readers
it’s been a very busy couple of months here, but I am back with several ideas on the go right now. In the mean time here are a few links to two ingenious community art projects from abroad:

Bread Art Collective from the UK have arranged some beautiful, light based works in public spaces. They actively engage the local community in creating the works, allowing them to cover large areas, with tiny points of light.

'community made' lanterns

‘community made’ lanterns

And here is what the creative economy really looks like – entrepreneurs with their totally bike powered coffee cart.

Bike powered and transported coffee cart

Bike powered and transported coffee cart

and one more to make you smile:
This is a simple, yet global, collaboration that is cheap and easy so anyone can get involved, yay!
It’s also the kind of thing you’ll won’t notice unless you are out and about on foot (or very slow cycle). Some of the most delightful sights are for walkers only.

(many thanks to Kelvin for sharing these with me.)

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