pimp my sustainable transport
Hot wheels!

Hot wheels!

Here are two sweet ways to brighten up the street and your travel experience:

  • scraper bikes
  • customised trolleys or ‘granny carts’.
  • Scraper Bikes are bikes that have been customised in the same manner as a car, to draw attention and because people like to take pride in their ride. I can’t help but connect the shine and colour of this image to the outfits worn by horse jockeys, or of race tracks generally, but here it is humans that take all the glory. The scraper project above is a youth project in Oakland, California but I see no reason why we can’t all get into celebrating real movement, with our best creativity and wit.

    customised hand cart

    customised hand cart

    The ‘pimped’ up granny cart or trolley is the accessory people on foot have been waiting for. For those loads that might seem heavy in your arms but ridiculously small in the boot of an SUV, why not take the cart? And show off your style while your at it. (There is also a very practical and pretty fabric cart that folds into a handbag at the link above.)

    You might ask what does this have to do with urban design?
    This is an instance of freedom to be creative in public space that is both accessible and legal. When individuals like you and me can have a tangible effect on our visual, audible, urban environment it becomes ours. We can ‘own’ the streets we use. Like carnival marchers and street performers, we are also part of the show – one that happens everyday. Why not make use of that?
    Sustainable transport – walking and cycling – has a big part to play in the vitality of street life.

    So stay fly and keep it G (green)

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    1. I can totally see myself with one of those carts at the Avondale Markets on a Sunday morning!

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