‘Sense of Journey’ at walk and cycle conference

I’ve just got back from the 2 Walk and Cycle conference in Nelson where I presented a paper on ‘Sense of Journey’ and the many little pleasures that come out of travel as a meaningful experience of space.

my things from the walk and cycle confrence

One of the points I mentioned was, how our experience of journeys includes ‘higher’ human needs (as well as access to basic things like work or food, and safety).

Abraham Maslow came up with a list of human needs that are linked to sense of wellbeing and loosely linked to motivation. Here is an interpretation of Maslow’s ideas as they relate to travel :

Maslow for transport

Maslow for transport

Everyday travel choices can be oportunities for us to be like others, and to show our identity. They can be something we take for granted or be deeply satisfying. I am promoting the idea that the healthiest, and the most sustainable journeys, should also be the most satisfying and enjoyable – on all levels.

My paper is available here
and the presentation (with pictures) is available here.

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