What are Urban Field Studies?

This website is a place for me to display the results of my studies ‘in the field’.

It is a place to store raw data, immediate responses and deeper analysis.

It is a place to share information on creative use of our shared spaces. Information I hope will be useful to artists, urban designers, architects, community groups and the people who help build our human environment.

It is a place to record how creative urban projects come about in New Zealand and beyond our shores.

It is a place to engage in critique of art in public spaces, and to encourage more creative use of public space. (Ideally leading to an increase in sense of ownership and belonging and reduce alienation in our cities.)

I am interested all aspects of public space: active edges and private/public boundaries, urban design and land use planning, transport networks, public services, shared resources, pedestrian perceptions… cities are what we happily give each other.

This blog is an evolving segment of a larger ‘life project’ to research and encourage public art and engaging urban environments. In future I hope to add a database of examples of urban art and other features to aid dialogue. If you would like to know more feel free to contact me on lily.linton at gmail.com

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  1. Dear Lily Linton, I made a short trip through your “Urban Field Studies” and enjoyed your ‘urban ethnology’ very much. Many inspiring things: Hundertwasser, for instance, agrarian European architecture and, – phantastic – the piano staircase…..! I will come back from time to time for more in depth studies!
    Warm regards
    Nold Egenter
    P.S. maybe have a look at my videos: -> YouTube ->negenter ->01-06

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