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‘Sense of Journey’ at walk and cycle conference

the story of urban travel – my masters research

The atmosphere of a city
In the two months since I moved back to Auckland I have been reassessing and rebuilding my mental map of the streets, routes and landmarks. I am also rebuilding my map of the social scene, of people I know and people I’d like to know. I am testing my assumptions about [...]

Today I started a new course at the Victoria University architecture school, a paper on the Theory and History of Urban Design. Architecture school is the only place I can learn about urban design at undergrad level in NZ. I am picking up a strange slant, not too surprisingly, towards, or rather, away from, architecture.
A [...]

For some time now I have been collecting photos of things I call Urban Jewels. The name refers to the way art or design elements in public space can be seen as jewels set into the fabric of the city. Urban Jewels help to make urban space a little ‘richer’.
One of my goals for this [...]

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