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the story of urban travel – my masters research

street safety and confidence

David Engwicht is in NZ in March

Community Cultural Development

whakapapa and place identity

Along side great North Road in New Lynn is a tall angular steel sculpture. Recent visits to the town centre on foot allowed me a closer, more intimate viewing that revealed new layers of meaning.
Up close I found the sculpture is in fact the pivot of a large sundial. It’s sharp pointy nose marks hourly [...]

I do like this photo by Dive NZ magazine:The Whaling Wall mural on the Auckland Maritime Museum was a popular spot for school visits, and judging from this image, an amusing learning experience too: how many kids can you fit inside a whale? (they really are that big)
There has been a scurry in the news [...]

Song for the Harbour Bridge

Arguments for and against graffiti

Ian Curtis Graffiti